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Bio-Hazard Cleanup Company

If your property has been the scene of trauma, biohazards or a crime scene, you may not know how to proceed. These events can be hard to handle alone, hazardous and often include

Paul Davis is a bio-hazard cleanup company counters situations such as:

  • Unattended decomposition
  • Homicide or Suicide Treatment
  • Crime Scene Sanitation
  • Trauma Scene Sanitation
  • Biohazard Removal Services
  • Industrial or Home Accidents
  • Animal Remains or Waste
  • Hoarding Remains
  • Forensic Investigation Chemicals

Other Biohazard Scenes

As a property owner, it’s difficult to handle biohazardous trauma scenes without the help of professionals. Along with visceral hazards, we are able to remove sewage and drug lab scenes. Each of these scenes need to be approached with care and training. In both scenarios, biotoxins are abundant enough to result in serious health hazards if you aren’t prepared. Our crew uses their extensive skills to remove any scene they encounter. a solution for sewage or meth lab scenes.

Our Qualifications

You can rest assured that our professionals will always cooperate with the area and people involved with the utmost respect as they face of trying situations. The education our specialists undertake equips them to restore scenes of many varieties in a safe way. Paul Davis biohazard professionals receive training from our Trauma/Bio-Recovery course or the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS). This knowledge prepare our staff to operate with the latest decontamination steps and tools to clean your property.