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Severe Weather of Orange, TX

Harsh weather is a normal part of life in TX and across the South. From thunderstorms, high winds and ice, weather damage appears in several different forms. Sadly, even the most equipped houses or commercial properties can take on damage from severe weather. The emergency contractorsat Paul Davis help the Orange area with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Affordable Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

The Paul Davis Emergency experts have local experience in storm repair after dangerous storms across Orange. We are ready 24/7 for emergency help and estimates on storm damage. No matter how much damage, you can call on our bonded restoration contractors to help your home or business. We help with the insurance route and offer storm repair estimates. Paul Davis provides storm damage help for these kinds of problems:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

All over the Southeast and TX, tornadoes have left a trail of destruction in their wake. Such strong storms can level vehicles and utility lines and result in additional damage. Common damage caused by tornadoes includes torn siding, smashed windows, missing shingles and even whole roofs. Storms can move or tip over vehicles and fall landscaping around your home. If you would like a quote for tornado damage, call the contractors from Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Flood Damage

Water can be a life-giving force, but in severe rain, it can be dangerous. Flooding can enter structures, destroy walls, carpet and result in mold growth. A severe storm with flash flooding can leave behind dirty shrapnel or sewage around your yard too. Paul Davis has specialists to help with flood damage, get more information on our page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms blend the worst parts of strong winds and flooding into a single serious storm. When a hurricane hits Orange or surrounding area, the floods and gusts can be strong enough to flatten homes, landscaping and tip over vehicles. If you would like a quote for hurricane damage restoration after a hurricane strikes, call Paul Davis today.

Frozen Rain Damage

Frozen rain and hail is an expected part of winter around the South. When in full force, hail can crack windows, bend and crack siding which leads to permanent damage. Paul Davis Emergency Services are available to help you repair your home 24/7.

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